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Jem-Truely Outrageous!

Welcome to the Holograms room! I have most of their bios up, except for those who I cannot find pictures for.

Jem is the lead singer of the Holograms. She acts, sings, travels, and does other rock star things. She is dating Rio, her manager.

Jerrica Benton is Jem's alter ego. She runs Starlight Music and also the Starlight Foundation for foster home girls. She is also dating Rio.

Kimber is the Youngest member of the Holograms and Jerrica's youngest sister. She has a tencency to act on impulse, but she has a great heart. She is a really good songwriter. She plays guitar and keyboard for the band.

Aja Benton is the adopted sister of Jerrica and Kimber. She was once a starlight girl. She plays the guitar and is real hard-headed sometimes. Aja is also a real fitness fanatic and gives free aerobic lessons to the Starlight Girls.

Shana Elmsford is the original drummer and guitar player in the Holograms. She is extremely loyal to her friends, but she is a fashion desginer and artist at heart. She designs the costumes that the Holograms wear for their concerts.

Raya is the last member to join the Holograms. She replaced Shana on the drums, while Shana was gone. Raya discovered Jem's secret and decided to remain with the band after Shana returned. She comes from a large Hispanic family from Mexico that is living in L.A.

Synergy is the holgram machine that projects the image of Jem over Jerrica. Synergy was created by Jerrica's Father. Her powers are activated through the Star earrings that Jerrica and Jem wear. To activate the holgram Jerrica says, "Show time Synergy" and to shut the holgram off she says, "Shows over Synergy".

Rio is the manager of the Holograms. He is in love with both Jem and Jerrica, whom he doesn't know are the same people. He also gets in trouble when Riot decides that he wants Jem as his own.

Danse is the Holgram's choreographer. She has been trained to dance since she was a little girl. Her mother was a famous dancer in Yugoslavia. She volunteers at Haven House, a place for runaway teens.

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